Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we currently accept Aetna, United HealthCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX PLEASE NOTE: New patients must pre-pay their co-pay amount for the Initial Consultation.

Online payment links are available on this website in both English and Spanish.

What is the cost of therapy?

Initial Consultation $150 Couples Therapy $150
Individual Therapy $120
Clinical Hypnosis $150

When are you available?

Tuesday thru Saturday by appointments only from 10:00am until 5:00pm. We can discuss a mutual time that works best for you.

What is your approach to therapy?

I tailor the approach to each client’s needs. Generally speaking, there are two main approaches to therapy: The first is Cognitive-Behavioral, which involves very structured and targeted interventions to change specific things like thought patterns or problematic behaviors. The second is Psychodynamic, which involves a more open-ended and exploratory approach. For many clients, a balance of both approaches works best, for example: a person with relationship issues might need to look into their history in an exploratory way to see how the problem developed in the past, and then use that insight to choose the best Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) intervention to deliberately reshape the patterns that are causing stress in the current situation.

How often would I come to therapy and how long would therapy last?

That depends on your reason for coming to therapy. I want you to come as often as is best for your situation. Some clients come every week, and others come less frequently. Very occasionally, some clients come twice in a week if they have had a particular issue such as a break-up or some other reason they need extra support that week. Similarly, some clients need only short-term therapy because their issue requires only a few new skills that are easy to learn and implement. In other situations, a client might need more sessions to explore how their personal history led to the patterns they want to change. Learning new skills and gaining insights are processes that can happen quickly or more slowly, depending on the situation. Some clients want to move as quickly as possible and need only 3-6 sessions, while others need slightly more, and some clients feel that ongoing appointments help them to maintain gains or identify new areas for growth. I don't want to rush the therapeutic process, but also don’t want to keep you in therapy any longer than you need or want.

Are there issues you don’t treat?

Yes. I specialize in anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, personal and professional goal attainment, depression, and non-physical anger management– and we get very good results with the areas above because we limit our focus to these specific areas of expertise. I don’t treat eating disorders that have become a medical concern, such as being dangerously underweight or loss of menstrual cycle. I limit my focus only to areas where I have the skills and expertise to work with a great deal of confidence, and I refer everything else out to experts in other areas. If you’re searching for a therapist, interview potential therapists and ask them to tell you about their education and experience with your issue so you can feel comfortable that you are in therapy with someone who has the background to offer you the best!

Why should I choose David Saavedra?

If you’re seeking true expertise: David Saavedra's gold standard academic and professional credentials reflect specialized knowledge and expertise that help discriminating clients to build trust and feel at ease. His compassionate, goal-oriented approach makes Marriage & Family Wellness Center a great fit for clients who want an intelligent, professional approach to facilitate high-quality results. Many clients feel their time is their most precious resource; this prompts them to seek top-notch advice or support from established experts like David Saavedra .

What if I have an emergency?

In case of an emergency, the best phone number to use is 956-345-5444. If you reach voice mail, please leave a message. I may be on the phone, in therapy with someone else, or out of the office. In a crisis situation, if I cannot be reached by you may call the 24-hour Mental Health Crisis Line: 877-289-7199, or go immediately to your local hospital emergency room.

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