Is Your Relationship Heading into Trouble?

What is the status of my marriage? Is it growing stale or coming to an end? Can I still save it? And, most importantly, how did I get to the point of buying a “save your marriage” type of book? Is it really THAT bad?

And while on your end it seems like a complex issue that has no solution, trust me, every relationship worth fighting for has a solution. Even yours.

But, just like the old saying goes by: “Relationships are like flowers; they need to be watered if they are to grow.” Therefore, you have to nurture your relationship if you want it to last. Like a plant that needs water, a relationship needs patience, like a plant that needs the sun, your relationship needs clear communication and honesty, and like a plant needs fertilizer, your relationship needs love, care, and intimacy.

However, it’s easier said than done. Happy long-lasting relationships do not happen overnight, they require much work. And not everything related to relationships is all sun and flowers. Sadly, not all marriages last. Some marriages crumble and fail, slowly disintegrating and fading away. While others burn out quickly, almost as if the marriage never existed. But, nonetheless, you’ve likely picked up this book because you’re interested in "renewing" your marriage or relationship. And if there’s something you need to know at this point is that addressing perceived problem areas or practicing some preventative maintenance is the first step to renewing your relationship. On the other hand, some people reading this book may be in the throes of a dying relationship. Regardless of the state of your marriage, this book contains helpful strategies that may help you enhance the quality of your relationship or pick up the broken pieces and heal your marriage so that it has a chance to grow and thrive again.

If there’s something I want you to take away from my eBook, "How to Revive Your Marriage" is that any marriage crisis can be reversed if you learn how to do it. I know what you're thinking: getting out of this crisis seems impossible. But it is normal for you to think this way, most people feel helpless when they feel like their marriage is falling apart. Let me tell you that love can be saved, even when the two of you already feel “weird” about the relationship. Therefore, true, real, and healthy changes can be brought upon your relationship, and it has been proven time and time again. If you apply the knowledge you will gain throughout this book, it will enable you to recover your marriage, renew passion, and love. This book aims to help you by teaching you strategies that you can use both as a couple and as an individual to work on your relationship.

These strategies include:

Chapter 1:

Assessing your marriage presents a series of questions for you to ponder and journal about as an individual and as a couple. This chapter will help you identify the strengths of your relationship and the areas that may need more attention and remediation.

Chapters 2-6:

These chapters will provide you with strategies to address some of the most common issues that affect relationships, such as love, trust, affection, respect, and commitment.

Chapter 7:

This chapter will provide you with information about the benefits of seeking professional help, thus, creating the marriage and relationship that you’ve always wanted to be in.

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself what’s the first step? The first thing that you need to understand about this situation is that it’s a problem. But, as with most problems, to solve them, you must first understand them. So, one way to understand the issues in your marriage is to conduct an assessment. Once you assess your marriage, you can then take the proper measures towards fixing it and making things right again.

It’s sort of like solving a math problem. First, you need to know and understand the problem — what are the elements involved? What do you need to find?

All of these questions and more will be answered in chapter one, where you’ll begin the journey of self-realization and assessment of your relationship. This knowledge will open a whole new world of aha moments that will be the foundation of the future of your relationship. This step is the first because just like when you’re sick and go to the doctor to solve whatever problem you have, the first step is assessing where you’re at, what the disease is and what is going on so you can start the treatment and get better.

Are you ready to start the diagnosis? Get your copy now, and let’s get to work!

How to Revive Your Marriage eBook

By David Saavedra