Stress and Marriages

We often don't think how every stress affects our intimate lives at home. We are focused on our work, careers, children often times ignore our own health and well being. For those couples with children it's a common response to place our children first in terms of priorities and responding to their needs. Because we want to be good parents, in the process we forget or ignore the needs we have as a couple. So it stands to reason that after a while couples begin to feel disconnected emotionally and start to experience isolation, loneliness and #dissatisfaction with their partners. The #marriage starts to feel very humdrum partners start to question their committment to each other.

1. Can you and your partner talk about these changes in a non blaming way?

2. Can you discuss the kinds of needs that are missing for one another?

3. Is it possible to have a true conversation that will create understanding between the two?

As way of not allowing stress and problems to grow, it may be helpful to reach out to a professional who can help you nurture your marriage. You can reach out to David Saavedra, LCSW, Clinical Fellow, AAMFT at